Stephen Megitt

About Stephen:

Stephen earned his BA in Media, Information & Technoculture from Western University. He is a seasoned digital industry professional and entrepreneur with decades of marketing, user experience, leadership, finance and operations experience. Before joining EY, he served as the CEO of Filament, an award-winning digital agency focused on researching, designing and developing human-centred and compelling digital experiences. He has led strategy, design and development teams on large-scale, high-profile digital experience projects including websites, mobile applications and enterprise software for lifestyle, technology, arts, telecommunications, government and financial services clients. Stephen has been a featured speaker at Venture for Canada, SHAD and General Assembly UX, in addition to having his work published in .net Magazine, UX Planet, Communication Arts, Adotas and Martech Advisor. Outside of work he’s a fan of terrible movies, Portuguese Water Dogs, smoking meat, eating tacos, playing Scrabble with his wife and teaching his kids to explore, use their imagination, and maybe get into a little trouble in the process.

Stephen Megitt

Presentation Summary:

COVID for all the awful things it has wrought, it has also created opportunity, permission, and necessity, for businesses and consumers to challenge their typical ways of operating, buying patterns and expectations.  We’ll dive into how the customer experience has been shaped by COVID and how businesses can better understand what’s important in this period of shifting consumer behaviour.