Richard Scott

About Richard:

Educate. Equip. Inspire.

Richard Scott is driven by his real passion for making a difference. He is a sales & business growth expert, certified business coach, and engaging professional speaker. Through his business coaching practice, he inspires his clients to define and achieve their greatest visions of professional success.

As an entrepreneur and businessman with more than 20 years of experience, Rich has a strong ability to analyze challenges and opportunities within organizations. He then empowers stakeholders to develop and execute plans that create meaningful changes and tangible results.

Whether speaking in front of an organization or working with clients enrolled in his training & coaching programs, Rich maintains focus on his three guiding pillars.

► Educate – teach the principles behind business success

► Equip – arm people with the skills they need to put those principles into action to get results

► Inspire – create a community of engaged, talented professionals who strive for ongoing growth & success

Richard Scott

Presentation: Business Growth for Introverts: Principles for better and more predictable results with less stress.

More details to come.