Dr. Manjit Gosal

Stress & Longevity

Stress comes in various forms, including acute stress triggered by sudden events, episodic acute stress experienced frequently, and chronic stress caused by prolonged challenges. Consequences of stress encompass physical symptoms like headaches and digestive issues, emotional impacts such as anxiety and depression, and long-term health risks like heart disease and weakened immune function. Dr. Gosal will speak to stress and longevity in this session and how to manage stress for overall well-being.

About Dr. Gosal:

Dr. Manjit Gosal is a Family Physician with a Masters Degree in Metabolic and Nutritional Medical and board certified practitioner of Functional and Regenerative Medicine. His previous scope of practise has included Emergency Medicine, Obstetrics, Surgical Assists and Rural Medicine. He has a private practice, Kaizen Medical Inc., in which he utilizes modalities such as IV nutritional therapies, hormone therapies, platelet rich plasma injections, prolotherapy, ozone therapy, and he is a certified Medical acupuncture practitioner.

​He believes that in an ideal world one should be determining the root causes of illness and addressing them with precision medicine which encompasses both conventional and so-called non-conventional approaches. ​

He is a UBC affiliated Clinical Instructor and is current research interest is related to mitochondrial function and biogenesis. Dr. Gosal is also an accomplished athlete, a former Canadian National Karate Champion and Karate Instructor. He is the Medical Director for the B.C. Athletic Commission and the lead physician for boxing and mixed martials arts events such as the Ultimate Fighting Championships.

Dr. Gosal