Mandie La Montagne

Retirement – Fact, Fiction, or Fantasy? with mandie La Montagne

The world has changed over the last 5-10-25 years and with it, the concept of retirement. The 1950’s concept of succession and how we will spend our ‘golden years’ has been replaced with a wide range of ideas and perspectives; and COVID-19 is only adding to the chaos.

We suggest that life or life-after-work is no longer defined by occupation but by purpose. And, rather than focusing on the best tool or investment through which to fund your retirement (the How & When), that you first identify and understand your Why.   

So, if retirement ain’t what it used to be – what is it? 

Join us for this people & planning focused look at the topic of retirement as we explore, through stories and real-life examples:

  • The evolution and new definitions of retirement for a generation (Boomer, Gen X, Millennial)
  • Myths and legends of how it is supposed to work, and why that’s all changed.
  • Strategies for working with your advisory team (you do have a team, right?) or employer to understand your options.
  • Practical takeaways / action items to get you started or keep you focused on your personalised and preferred outcomes.

Mandie is a Co-Founder & Partner with The Intueri Group, a blended practice consultancy specializing in strategic succession planning and business transition advisory. As the HR Practice lead, she works with business owners and workplace leaders on the development and implementation of effective people practices.

A long-time generalist professional, Mandie brings a wealth of knowledge and perspective gained from nearly 25 years of living, learning, and leading the people & culture function for a variety of organizations across different industries.  Equally happy blue-sky brainstorming strategy or implementing new process or programs, she thrives in environments filled with challenge and potential. Complementing the practical experience, she has completed programs in Human Resources and Leadership at BCIT, and a Masters in Professional Communication, (spec. Intercultural & International) from Royal Roads University. 

Active in her community, she is a Board Director and Social Policy/Workforce Development Team Co-Chair with the Surrey Board of Trade; a Board Director and Chair of the Professional Standards Committee with CPHR BC & Yukon; and an Instructor with KPU.

Outside of work she is ‘Mom’ to two active teenagers, a hobby photographer, avid traveler and, along with her husband, international marathoner.