Jennifer Blair

Business Results Delivered with Blockchain – Real Work Happening Today with Jennifer Blair

Learn about real business outcomes clients & industries are achieving today in supply chain, finance, procurement and customer engagement, underpinned by blockchain.   How these companies and organizations are generating new revenue streams, creating efficiency/cost take-out in the COVID era, and building next level customer engagement, insight & transparency.  

About Jennifer

Jenn is responsible for IBM NA Blockchain Services Industry Go to Market Strategy, Enablement & Execution. Jenn leads and builds teams who work on strategic Blockchain ecosystem opportunities & partnerships, together with external experts including start-ups, standards boards, academic influencers & private equity.  Jenn is the Executive Sponsor for IBM’s MOBI Partnership and for the past 5 years she has been a key contributor to, and regular speaker on IBM’s Blockchain Point of View.  Jenn has co-created and contributed assets to IBM’s Global Blockchain Methodology, Delivery Best Practice and represents IBM in various industry associations.  Blockchain keynote & SME talks include US Mexico Chamber of Commerce, World Energy Conference, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Chicago Traffic Club, NY Manufacturer’s Association, Pathways to Trade Symposium, SPE, [email protected] CES, DMDII, WPC, FSU, WSU and more.