Incentives – Check this website

Member Steve Araki, CA would like to share this information with members relating to the October presentation on Incentives.


As a followup to this morning’s meeting, I wanted to bring the following website to the group’s attention:
I think most practitioners in the FVCAA would find this website very useful for their clients to help identify where they can potentially get their hands on some of that government grant money out there.  Here’s a description of the website (of which KPMG is a “preferred service provider”):
Use The Funding Portal to search and access billions of dollars in Canadian government funding, tax incentives, and private financing for your business or organization. Use the Portal’s Find It tool to identify relevant grants, contributions, tax credits, loans, VCs, angel investors and other sources of private finance in seconds rather than weeks, and then turn to the Portal’s concierge services—Apply for It, Score It and Leverage It— to guide you through the funding application process to success. Government funding
This website is not affiliated with any government or governmental agency. THE FUNDING PORTAL is a trademark owned by The Funding Portal Inc. THE FUNDING PORTAL does not claim responsibility for any inaccuracies in reported data.

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