Conference Day – November 2nd, 2017

5th Annual Conference Day
A full day of professional development* with the FVCPAA

November 2nd, 2017 – 7:30 am to 4:30 pm
Cascade Community Church
35190 Delair Rd, Abbotsford




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  • A full day of professional learning opportunities: 3 keynote presentations and your choice of concurrent sessions from 8 different topics
  • Networking opportunities with more than 150 CPA’s from BC
  • Morning coffee/tea with breakfast buffet
  • Lunch buffet

*By attending the Conference, you may qualify for 7 PD credits.



Discover the 2017 speaker’s lineup

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Cindy Boury FMA, CIM®, FCSI®, Portfolio Manager & Branch Manager
Cindy Boury Private Wealth Management
Raymond James Ltd.

How to safeguard your senior clients from investment abuse

Cindy’s career began in the banking industry and paused briefly when she stepped aside to raise her two children. She became industry licensed once they were in school and understands the challenges of being a working mother as well as an independent business owner.
Cindy joined a private firm in 1998 and soon became the branch manager. In 2009 she moved to Raymond James, where she continues to fill the lead role of branch manager and a portfolio manager. Her work ethic and commitment to high standards have led Cindy throughout her life, both personally and professionally. Read more about Cindy’s career.

In this presentation, Cindy Boury, a portfolio/branch manager with tier-one compliance and regulatory supervisory experience, will explore the challenges relating to safeguarding your senior clients from investment abuse.  She will provide examples from personal experiences; discuss how to recognize warning signs and what to do if you find yourself in this situation!

Sandra Miles, President & CEO
Miles Employment Group

Building your business with top talent

Sandra has over 25 years experience in the Staffing and Talent Acquisition and Management fields.  Sandra has founded two multi-million dollar companies and currently is the Co-Founder, President of The Miles Employment Group.  Miles Group has been selected as a preferred staffing supplier to many of British Columbia’s top employers including Metro Vancouver, The City of Vancouver, ICBC, Translink, Xerox Canada, The Federal Government of Canada, Canadian Tourism Commission, Forestry Innovation, Fluor Canada and the University of British Columbia. Read more about Sandra’s career.

Sandra will present the latest industry findings on how to improve talent attraction, get the most from your workforce and retain quality employees.

Dr. Gaetan Mourmant

Deepen your understanding of personality and entrepreneurship: 6 hidden strengths to leverage from

Dr. Gaetan Mourmant has been an entrepreneur since 1996. He is, inter alia, CEO of VBA101 ( and also developed, dedicated to MS Excel (training, consulting, software). Gaetan wrote his Ph.D. thesis on “how and why employees decide to quit their job and start a business”. Using the results of his research, he is now helping entrepreneurs. His current research is combining entrepreneurial intuition and the use of energetic tools to remove any negative thought forms.

Read more about Gaetan’s career.


  • What is your unique personality matrix of strengths and pattern of potential? 
  • How to shed light on potential blind spots and transform them into strengths?
  • How to develop an entrepreneurial bird’s-eye view combining intuition, analysis, perception, and organization.

Learn the importance of the link between personality and intuition in your business decision-making process. Identify your entrepreneurial type and the influence that your personality has on your decisions and relationships with your partners. More precisely, we will explore in depth how the 8 Jungian functions can be used and combined in your decision-making process.

Jim Reger, Owner & President
The Reger Group

A higher purpose journey …the power of becoming more self aware

Jim Reger’s passion is evident in his work, which is focused on assisting leaders in creating and building authentic lives and cultures in their organizations, families, and communities. He is committed to helping leaders live their legacy. Jim is an internationally experienced speaker and leadership mentor with a unique and varied background. He was Western Canada General Manager for Hewlett-Packard and then President of Mobile Data International, a global leader in wireless technology. Read more about Jim’s career.

A higher purpose journey is a path to gaining self-knowledge and leads to a fundamental and sustaining shift in self-perception and alignment with your deepest passions and aspirations. You will leave inspired, engaged and challenged to identify and pursue a life of greater meaning and purpose, knowing that the most powerful and lasting influence you have on others begins with knowing yourself. Read more.

Barb Schimnowsky, Certified Management Consultant
WATSON Advisors Inc.

Grooming the successor in a family business

Barb leads the WATSON Search practice bringing over 25 years experience in executive search and the human resources field. As a Certified Management Consultant and Family Enterprise Advisor, she has earned an industry-wide reputation for identifying and recruiting senior executives. Barb delivers a personal service to every Director, Chair and executive search and has an uncanny ability to place the perfect match with clients. Read more about Barb’s career.

As family members retire, ensuring the continuation of its business is one of the biggest challenges that a Family Enterprise will face. Too often it’s not until an unexpected event occurs that a family is triggered into action, leaving little if no time to ensure the handover is successful. “Grooming the successor in a family business” will outline ways to ensure continuity planning is top of mind and that skills and knowledge are being developed in future leaders. 


Dr. Jim Sellner, PhD., DipC. , VP Learnings & Applications
Vivo Team Development

Account-Ability: the science of human performance

With over 40 years experience working with and training over 3,000 entrepreneurs and business leaders, Jim’s sole purpose is to Bring Out the Genius in People. Jim is the author of more than 1600 articles and 3 amazing books including “Leadership for Einstein’s: Bringing Out the Genius in People While Becoming Great Ourselves” and “Account-Ability: The Science of Human Performance”.
Jim is the VP of Learning’s and Applications for Vivo Team Development, an online performance management solutions company that offers corporations the ability to analyze team productivity, identify areas for improvement and provide targeted team-training solutions. Read more about Jim’s career.

Account-Ability Words are cheap. People will tolerate what you say. They act on what you do. Why account-ability? To develop people to see and be what they can be rather than what they are. In this edutaining, insightful, brief session you will learn how to use the first key tool to increasing account-ability.

Peter Vanvliet Snell, Partner
Gowling WLG

Franchise laws in British Columbia: What you need to know and how it impacts CPAs

Peter Snell is a partner who you can trust to help you expand your franchise business in Canada and around the world. Peter is based out of Gowling WLG’s Vancouver and Calgary offices, but his clients know him as being their solution in “Canada.” With a unique blend of business law and intellectual property law experience, Peter is well positioned to help your business address key intellectual property issues and incorporate them into your strategic planning. Peter’s continued success in business and intellectual property law have been recognized by the Intellectual Property Committee — part of the American Bar Association’s Business Law Section — who appointed him its chair. His success in franchising has been recognized by the Canadian Franchise Association, who appointed Peter as its general counsel in 2015. Read more about Peter’s career.

In February 2017 the Franchises Act came into force in British Columbia.  British Columbia is now the 6th province in Canada to have franchise disclosure laws. There are approximately 1,300 franchise brands and over 78,000 franchise units operating throughout Canada, crossing 50 different sectors of the economy, including restaurants, retail, hospitality, automotive and health care.  One out of every five consumer dollars in Canada is spent on goods and services from the franchise sector.  This amounts to approximately $68 billion in annual sales.  The new British Columbia Franchises Act has specific financial statements requirements for franchisors and rules regarding financial performance disclosure.  These rules will impact CPAs in British Columbia.  Peter Snell is a partner at Gowling WLG and was a Special Advisor to the BC Attorney General’s Office in drafting the new Franchises Act. He will give an overview of franchise laws, and discuss the impact these laws will have on CPAs.

Greg Spafford, Managing Director
Pavilion Business Services

Raising capital for success

For the past thirty five years, Greg Spafford has been active as a businessman, mentor and advisor in BC and London UK. He was worked closely with his business clients in a wide variety of task from business financing, mergers and acquisitions, international trade, succession planning, dealings with government and business strategies.  Greg’s clients range from smaller independent businesses to public listed companies.  He has been involved in numerous prospectus-exempt offerings is known as a small to mid-market M & A advisor. Greg’s experience as an entrepreneur has led to an approach that is practical – finding solutions that make business sense. Read more about Greg’s career.

As Companies expand and change, they need to raise capital for many reasons, including: growth capital, acquisition funding, and recapitalization. Interest rates are at a historical low and there is a significant amount of capital available for placement.
This presentation will identify the best combination of funding to achieve companies goals, and pulling together the funding sources to make it happen with the lowest cost capital sources. There is a wide range of specialized funding needs and so it is essential to attract the lowest cost of capital and partners that can add strategic value. New capital sources depend on the needs of the company involved to enable:

  • financing internal growth and expansion
  • acquisitions and management buy-outs
  • refinance debt and provide shareholder liquidity.

This event will discuss a variety of strategies and tactics to provide direct global access to capital providers with the right industry and structure focus, the appropriate risk-tolerance profile, and with expectations and culture that match those of companies needs.

Allen S. Taylor, Chair
Family Enterprise Xchange

Successfully navigating your family enterprise journey

Allen is a third generation owner, president, and CEO of L.E. Taylor Associates Ltd, a diversified metals processing company based in Burlington, ON. He has a natural entrepreneurial spirit and innovative character which drives him to invest in new businesses and dedicate time to worthwhile projects. One such project is the Family Enterprise Xchange (FEX), a new independent association of business families and their professional advisors which he currently serves as Chair of the board of directors. FEX offers a trusted, ‘safe harbour’ community that empowers business families with the knowledge, resources, and support they need to successfully navigate their journey and experience harmony and success across the generations.

Allen will share the story of his family enterprise and their experience working with professional advisors and how this compelled him to help create FEX with a powerful new vision and mission. Allen will outline the many family-enterprise specific programs and initiatives FEX offers to help business families work more constructively with their advisors to ensure better outcomes for the family.

Mark Wardell, President
Wardell International

Double the value of nearly any business

Founder and President of Wardell International, Mark Wardell has developed a reputation as a leader in business advisory by helping entrepreneurs successfully plan, execute, and manage sustainable business growth. In addition to offering comprehensive business consulting services through his company, Mark regularly shares his business advisory expertise through many channels. He is a published author of seven business books, frequent contributor to several top national publications including Profit Magazine, The Globe and Mail, and CGA Magazine, and a speaker at high-profile business events and on televised programs including BNN’s Money Talk with Patricia Lovett-Reid. Read more about Mark’s career.


Jean-Paul Laube, Senior Business Strategist
Wardell International

JP Laube holds a Masters in Economics with a specialization in Environmental Economics. He brings with him 15 years of aviation and aerospace experience from a global and varied set of engagements, as well as several years of leading edge success in the digital space. JP has extensive experience working with the SME demographic, from direct, solution-based consulting to Federal and Provincial Government leveraged investment and IP development projects. He’s excelled in all of his endeavours to propel businesses to the next level by developing and implementing innovative and strategic business development initiatives, ranging from small two person start-ups to multinational giants like Boeing. Read more about Jean-Paul’s career.

Two seemingly identical businesses can sell for vastly different amounts of money. It’s important to prepare for a sale well in advance in order to end up on the right side of the equation.  
In his presentation, Mark will discuss key strategies for maximizing the market value of nearly any business, including how to access the untapped value hidden within its people, its systems, and its culture.

Scott. G. Wyper, Partner, GVA Enterprise Tax

Proposed Changes to the Taxation of Private Corporations

Scott has over 25 years experience advising private corporations and their shareholders on a broad range of taxation matters including corporate reorganizations, tax efficient business structures, estate planning, buy-sell agreements, life insurance funding, employee/shareholder compensation and general tax minimization strategies. Read more about Scott’s career.

The presentation will explain the proposed tax changes announced in the July 18, 2017 consultation paper and how they impact current planning structures for Private Corporations and their shareholders. Topics will include income splitting, capital gains exemption, surplus stripping and passive income taxation and include examples, planning opportunities, reaction and next steps.


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Location: Cascade Community Church, Abbotsford