Eric Rae

Cyber Security with Eric Rae

The impacts of Cyber Security encompass the entire business, permeating every aspect and affecting its people, operations, and ability to scale. Even before COVID-10 Cyber Security was no longer just an IT problem, nor was it an issue that only affects large companies. But now more than ever, as most organizations have been forced to rapidly adopt technology and internal control changes, it’s important for everyone to understand what threats exist, the motives behind these threats, and what you and your team can do to keep your organization safe.

What to expect:

— Gain an understanding of the current threat landscape

— Learn who is after your organization, how they can attack you, and why

— How organizations fail to mitigate cyber threats and the consequences that follow

— How to develop your cybersecurity program and increase security awareness

— Question & Answers 

Eric is a Senior Manager in the Technology Risk Consulting group at KPMG. He also has leadership roles in the Vancouver Cyber Security Services and KPMG Emerging Technologies sub-groups.

Through Technology Risk Consulting Eric has led numerous complex engagements covering a broad range of infrastructure, enterprise and security architecture, risk management, and attestation areas.

Through the Emerging Technologies group Eric is a Digital Ledger Services (DLS) specialist and has significant experience with various Blockchain technologies such as Ethereum and Hyperledger, as well as, cryptocurrencies and digital tokens. Over the past several years he has been advising, designing, and assessing various solutions as well as supporting the KPMG financial audit teams across Canada as they engaged with Blockchain organizations and crypto asset funds. He is also a frequent speaker at various Blockchain and cryptocurrency events. Additionally, concerning AI, Eric has been leading various initiatives for both application and Ethical/Explainable AI attestation (CAN/CIOSC 100:2019).