Bridget Noonan

CSRS4200: The New Compilation Engagement Standard with Bridget Noonan

The new compilation engagement standard will be effective for all December 31, 2021 fiscal year ends.  In this session we will provide a brief introduction to key requirements of the new standard and practice management considerations to get started on your implementation plan.

About Bridget:

Bridget is an assurance partner at Clearline CPA and co-founder of Clearline Consulting.  Bridget helps small to mid-size firms meet regulatory compliance requirements including annual monitoring, cyclical monitoring, engagement quality control reviews and practice review action plans.  Bridget has consulted with over 150 small firms in Western Canada assisting in areas of accounting, assurance, practice management, internal training, template development and succession planning. 

Bridget continues to be actively involved in the profession as a consultants for CPABC, a member of various CPA Canada taskforces and committees and a facilitator of professional development courses.