Brent Hoshizaki

About Brent:

Brent is a US Corporate Tax Partner at Smythe LLP with over 19 years of experience in US tax advisory, consulting, and compliance across a variety of industry sectors providing solutions to complex cross-border US corporate tax issues.  Brent has represented clients all the way to the IRS Office of International Appeals but mostly works with Canadian businesses that want to expand, operate, restructure, and exit within the United States.

Brent Hozhizaki

Canadian Business:  Maneuvering within a US and cross border taxation landscape

This session will cover:

  1. Structuring US expansion:  how to avoid LLC implications, limited risk distributor model.
  2. Financing a US expansion:  debt vs. equity, interest deduction limitations, reporting and other factors
  3. State and local taxation:  Wayfair updates
  4. Doing business in the Cloud
  5. Corporate AMT, changes to independent contractor status, NOL restrictions