Aileen de la torre

Finding your Ultimate State of FLOW with Aileen de la torre

Finding Your Ultimate State of Flow

Finding your ultimate state of flow means getting into the zone and managing your time and energy so you can show up at your full potential.

In a time where distractions are many and information is abundant, how can we harness the power of flow to live more fulfilling lives?

Aileen will lead an interactive session on what is flow and how to discover your personal flow state.

Participants will:

  • Discover why flow matters
  • Discuss what is flow
  • Uncover the key elements of the flow state
  • Learn how to create more flow in life
  • Be provided tools in creating a personal FLOW plan

About Aileen:

As the Co-Founder and Creative Flow Originator at SPARK Creations, is upbeat, positive, and carefree and balances this with a desire for constant improvement and growth, personally, professionally, and for the people that are fortunate enough to come in contact with her. She is a driver, in the sense of attaching her actions to her vision.

Aileen has over 20 years experience specializing in FLOW execution in aligning strategic goals with business processes by integrating project management, risk management, people potential techniques, and resource optimization. Using her unique style of LEAN management methodologies and creative process re-engineering, she is committed to empowering those she works with and delivering sustainable results.

Aileen is currently a Business Strategy Coach to entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners. Aileen also graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Manitoba.

Aileen de la Torre

About SPARK Creations

SPARK Creations & Company Inc. is a training and development organization that inspires people and companies to create meaningful cultures and workplaces. We use a unique FLOW approach through all of our product offerings to focus on the whole experience using new and fresh perspectives in a collaborative way whilst keeping it simple and clear.

Our team of creative, committed and progressive trainers, facilitators, and certified executive and leadership coaches have 75+ years combined corporate training experience in strategic culture visioning, leadership development, team building, and communications, executive and leadership coaching, people and culture program development (human resources), flow (lean and process) management, employer branding and marketing, and project management. To learn more, go to